Florida Services & Information, LLC

Arrival Services

Florida Services & Information, LLC - The Florida Services & Information LLC offers foreign companies services for employees and their families in the State of Florida.


When your employees are relocated from their home country to a branch office here in Florida there are a lot of things which needs to be addressed and be arranged. To get a quick start for their stay here in Florida we can manage many activities before and during the startup period.

With our service your employees arrive in their home and feel at home from the start on. Our services:

- Search for the right apartment or home

- Preparing of the new home and arrange necessary tasks like painting or cleaning

- and the shopping for food and fill up of the refrigerator

- Shopping with them for new furniture in their home

- Start Service with utilities companies like water service or power Opening a bank account

- starting Services for Phone and Internet as well as cable TV

- Search for them to get cleaning services or house maids

- Search for preschools, schools and baby sitters

- Information about shops for clothing, shoes, hairdresser and restaurants etc.

- Information about car dealers and insurances as well as car rentals

- Assistance to get the US Driver’s License

- Information about attractions and events

- Individual Services on request

The Florida Services & Information LLC will happily assist you with all their knowledge and experience to make the start in their new home as easy as possible.