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Arrival Services

Florida Services & Information, LLC - The Florida Services & Information LLC offers foreign companies services for employees and their families in the State of Florida.


Services of the Florida Arrival Service Private and Business Services


Not all car insurance companies in Florida accept drivers who are unable to show driving experience in Florida. It does not matter how many years you have had your driver’s license in your home country in Florida you are a driving starter which results in high insurance premium.

It is also mandatory that you have a driver’s license from Florida or another US-State. If you cannot present such a driver’s license you have to get this license as soon as possible.

We help you to finish this process successfully. We contact car insurance companies and request the necessary information for you. You only need to sign the contract and can start your driving experience in Florida.

For more information a mail to with the code “Car Insurance“ is all you need.

Phone and Internet Provider

You need at least one phone connection and/or an internet connection. It is not always easy to find the best provider for these services because these services are often sold in a bundle as phone, internet and cable package in different variations.

Each of these services bundle look good and affordable on first sight but on the second sight when you have special requirements for one of the service part it can become expensive.

We help you during this process to find the right provider with the right technical specification for your requirements. We contact the providers and compare their services with your expectations. You only need to buy their services bundles and enjoy.

We offer this service also for mobile phone providers.

For more information a mail to with the code “Phone“ is all you need.

Power, Water, Sewer etc.

First of all you have to find out who is responsible for these payments. This is very important when you contract a rental apartment or house. These costs can but need not be a part of the lease payment.

When you rent a house there may be more costs like the just mentioned utilities for example the lawn moving or pool services etc.

We assist you with your search and rental of a premise in cooperation with an English/German speaking Broker and help you with the installation of the necessary services.

For more information a mail to with the code “Utilities“ is all you need.

Opening of a bank account

The opening of a bank account on site is a further important and necessary task which needs to be done. Without an account you are only a half person and without any financial background. We accompany you to the bank of your choice and assist you with the opening of an account. You have only to sign and to deposit or spend your money.

We also explain to you how to build your credit score and credit history. Without a reasonable credit history the process of getting a mortgage is very difficult for a foreign national person.

For more information a mail to with the code “Bank account“ is all you need.

Allocation of a mailing address

Often it is necessary for services and contract partners to provide a US-mailing address. We can offer such a mailing address for you and collect your mail according to your requirements.

We are your address here in Florida and redirect your mailings according to your requirements in a bunch to your desired address.

For more information a mail to with the code “Mailing Address” is all you need.

Translation Services

When you need attestations for your business activities or mailings in English or German we translate these documents for you from German to English or reverse. In this case we need the documents which need to be translated with information about the purpose for which the translated document will be used.

We also manage correspondence and phone call within the United States in English for our clients or translate emails from English into German and reverse.

For more information a mail to with the code “Translation Service” is all you need.

Travel Planning and Reservation

The decision to make a trip to Florida and visit here attractions like Walt Disney World or the Everglades is easy to make. But there are many more very interesting attractions which you should see while you are here.

Do you know these other attractions? Do you know which are the most interesting for you? We help you to make the right choice and organize you individual travel plan with the necessary driving times when you provide your hotel in Florida. You can make reservations through us in advance for your trip; get the right car rental and Hotel information.

For more information a mail to with the code “Individual Trip Planning” is all you need.

Individual Webinars about Florida or Real Estate Topics

You ask yourself if now is the right time to go into the real estate market in Florida? You also have many questions about the best way to get your dream home or your investment property without the headaches?

Or you would like to relocate your employees from your home country outside of the state to Florida and would like to prepare them optimal for their stay in the US?

We are here for these questions and offer individual client designed Webinars and Consulting. Speak to us and let us know what your requirements are.

For more information a mail to with the code “Webinars Florida” is all you need.

Business Services

Consulting for a Start-Up-Business

You would like to start a business? We consult you and develop with you an action plan for your project. We also will assist you with all the necessary administrative tasks, the provision of important document and accompany you to professionals like attorneys, accountants and financial advisors or local government offices to get the permits and license for your business.

When you need an Apostille we can arrange everything for you and organize the correct communication way to the receiver.

For more information a mail to with the code “Business Consulting” is all you need.

Consulting in writing a business plan

You would like to start a business and need for this or for your visa documents to show your business intensions? One of the most important documents is the business plan. We consult and assist you during the writing so that it will be accepted by the authorities.

If you want you can write the business plan in German and we translate it into English. Let’s talk about the translation option.

For more information a mail to with the code “Business Plan” is all you need.

Web design Services

In today’s economic environment it is impossible to have not a professional designed internet web page but mostly there is no knowledgeable service provider for this task at hand especially in a foreign country. We offer you services for your individual designed internet web page.

There are different options possible for you from which you can choose.

For more information a mail to with the code “Web Design Service” is all you need.

Internet Services

A web page alone is not enough to be successful on the internet and generate client’s leads. The right design with the right mixture of information and pictures as well as the right search words make a web page attractive for users and also for search engines.

We analyze your web page and offer you optimizing recommendations which will give your web page more internet exposure. Let’s work together to make your web page better.

For more information a mail to with the code “Internet Service” is all you need.

Home Services

Manage the Remodeling of your Property

You already own a property which you either have just bought and you would like to remodel it according to your wishes or alter it or you would like to make your property stunning for the sale to get a higher sale’s price.

We help you with your project. Our Real Estate partners are licensed Realtors and contractors in Florida and are available for all your property transactions – Purchase or Sale as well as all other activities - with their expertise.

For the planning and the project management of the remodeling we provide you with our knowledge. We will with you together find out which remodeling is necessary and the costs for this remodeling. After that we will meet with the contractors and handymen, negotiate with them and manage the project. We also take care of the necessary permits.

For more information a mail to with the code “Home Service” is all you need.


Services House Sitting

You own a property here in Florida and you are only here for a certain time? What happens during your absence with your house or condo? We provide the necessary care for your home and arrange that the lawn will be mowed or that the hurricane shutters will be mounted before the tropical storm arrives or whatever you need.

This house sitting during your absence is a service which we provide. Let’s talk about the individual service for your property.

For more information a mail to with the code “House Sitting” is all you need.

Photo/Film/Virtual Tours for Home Owner

You already have found the right property together with your Real Estate Consultant (in German Makler) but you are unable to come for a personal showing? That is easy – we will help you.

We arrange an individual showing of the property for you and document this walk through with photos or virtual tour which you can view on the computer or on the TV set while sitting on your couch.

For more information a mail to with the code “Virtual Tour Owner” is all you need.

Photo/Film for Realtors

You have a listing and would like to present high quality photos to show them on the Multi-Listing-Service or to design a virtual tour. No problem – we will take these pictures for you in the best quality possible.

Let’s start together so that your listing looks in the best way possible and attracts many buyers.

For more information a mail to with the code “Photo Realtors” is all you need.